Letters from Parents....

I am very happy to have put my son Sreehari Krishnan in Saraswathy Kindergarten.My son by nature is very reserved and shy . I can see a good difference in him after putting him in Saraswati Kindergarten.Now he is always ready to sing,dance and talk in public witout fear. Thanks to the individual attention and efforts by teachers and programmes in the school such as Show and tell and Current affairs ,my son has overcome his stage fear.Inspite of his reserved nature has been given chance to participate in Shivan temple last year and navaratri festival this year . I can really see my sons improvement in reading and understanding.I really thank the efforts taken by teachers to educate and encourage him.
Thanking you JANAKI.


Dear Mrs. Rajendran,
We would like to convey our appreciation for the splendid performance by the children of SKG during the Navarathiri Performance. This wouldn't be possible if not for the immense efforts by your good self and your team of dedicated teachers. We take great pleasure in thanking the Tamil teacher Mrs Kamalam in guiding my son Shaanan of K1A to sing fluently. He is a person who hardly speaks Tamil and for him to sing with confidence shows great effort put in by Mrs Kamalam. Once again we would like to thank your good self, Mrs. Kuna and Mrs Kamalam for guiding my son.
Warmest Regards Mr & Mrs Umapathy


Hello Mrs J Rajendran, Principal of Saraswathy Kindergarten and your Fellow Team Members.
I am writing to reiterate our point as delighted parents of Sanjiv Rajandra's Primary 1 Readiness status. I have attached his Orientation paper done on Orientation Day at St Andrew's Junior School, 7 November 2008. He was assessed on Mathematics, Writing, Alphabets, Colouring and Reading. He scored a near perfect "Super" in all areas except for Writing, which was a "Good". This simply shows that Saraswathy Kindergarten's Academic Programme has equipped our child adequately, to meet the initial demands of Main Stream School. We can sigh with relief that our child's transition from Pre-school to Primary 1, will be smooth. In addition, the Kindergarten's Physical and Aesthetics Programme has unearthed talents in Sanjiv, in areas unknown to us. We were delightfully surprised at his swimming and dancing prowess. We would like to take this opportunity, to thank both you and your team of selfless dedicated teachers. Without whom, all this would not have been possible. Saraswathy Kindergarten has been truly the place where our child has blossomed, as the Kindergarten envisioned.
Thank you very much.